Common Water Heater Problems

It is important to know the typical water heater problems for tank-type water heaters, so you are aware of any solutions to the issues your water heater has.  Usually, when a water heater isn’t working correctly, a homeowner is ready … Continued

Should You Buy a Smart Toilet?

If you live in Citrus Heights, CA, and you plan to update your bathroom this summer, you might want to consider the conveniences of pairing technology with your toilet.  While this may seem odd at first, many features come with … Continued

How to Spot a Water Main Issue

The water main in your home carries water from your city water company, pump, or well into your home’s water fixtures and appliances. When you notice poor water pressure or little to no water flow, there is likely some problem … Continued

All About PEX Piping

What do you know about PEX piping? Uponor PEX piping is a special material that’s different from pipes of the past. It can offer better durability and flexibility than other solutions. FlowRite Plumbing is a certified installer for Uponor PEX … Continued