If maintained properly, your Roseville water heater should have no problem delivering years of reliable service. That is a big “if,” however, since the majority of home and business owners forego much-needed preventative maintenance in order to save money in the short term. As experts in the plumbing industry, Flowrite knows this is rarely the wisest move to make.

For obvious reasons, we strongly suggest staying up-to-date with all your plumbing system needs; that water heater is no exception! You cannot simply put these problems on the backburner, as they can just as quickly transform into more major ones. To get you on the right track with your current water heater woes, Flowrite has provided a few must-have maintenance tips.

Make your Roseville water heater last a long time

  • Reduce system stress by dialing down the temperature – nearly every tankless and standard water heater come pre-set at or above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower you set the temperature, the easier the machine will have to work. In addition to considerably reducing your annual energy costs, doing this naturally prolongs the life of the device.
  • If you have a tank, drain it – tanks are the main disadvantage to conventional water heaters, since they are notorious for collecting sediment and other debris over time. To keep rust and corrosion levels at a minimum, be sure to drain ¼ of the tank every few months or so. Flush the tank with fresh waste to eliminate any buildup.
  • Engage vacation mode for gas-powered models – if you plan to be away from home for an extended period, do not forget to turn this on. It keeps the pilot lit without heating the supply; many tankless water heaters have a similar feature.
  • Leave ample room around the device – sufficient clearance is needed to reduce fire hazards and allow technicians enough room to safely perform service and repair work.

By adhering to these critical maintenance guidelines, you are making the most of your investment. Most of these tips are very easy and not time consuming. Of course, when it comes to all other Roseville water heater repair and installation projects; get in touch with the crew at Flowrite. Two decades of experience and a team of customer service-oriented technicians are just a phone call or click away!