If your home or office was built 50 or more years ago, it may be a good idea to inspect its sewer lines. Normal wear and tear are to be expected in all Roseville plumbing systems, but unexpected situations can occur at any time that can severely shorten the lifespan of your sewer main.

A flush will always beat a full house, folks!

Say the contractor who originally installed your Roseville sewer lines used inferior quality materials or made a critical mistake when laying the pipe. Over the years, shifting soil and other natural causes might combine to damage your sewer main as a result. Other common Roseville sewer line repairs include collapses, bellied sections, tree root penetrations, and corrosion.

The list is quite extensive, and each problem requires a particular solution. Flowrite’s team of plumbers has worked on every sewage system issue you can think of. Our work trucks are outfitted with only the best cleaning and repair equipment, and our crew members are all certified to complete these residential and commercial projects. Let’s take a quick look at the aforementioned sewer issues, and what each of them entails.

Is your sewer main being a snake? Common problems that can sneak up!

  • Bellied pipe – this refers to a section of your Roseville sewer line that has sunk or “caved in” due to changing ground conditions. Weak areas in the Earth typically cause areas of pipes to sink, which causes sewage to pool up and result in routine clogs.
  • Joints that leak – instead of a single run, many sewer mains consist of multiple sections that have been joined together; as such, damaged joint seals can allow wastewater and other debris to leak into the surrounding soil.
  • Grease accumulation – depending on how often the sewage system is used and what types of products are flushed down the lines, grease buildup can range from minimal to extreme.
  • Corrosion – cast iron sewer mains are the most susceptible to general corrosion, which is why copper and PVC have become the go-to materials for modern plumbing systems.

We want to stress the importance of calling Flowrite if your Roseville sewer lines are currently experiencing any of the above issues. Groundwater contamination and overflowing kitchen and bathroom drains are just a couple things that can go wrong if these problems are allowed to continue. Our team is here 24/7 to service all your sewer line cleaning, repair, and installation needs.