Water Heater Services in Lincoln CA

If your conventional water heater is 10 years or older, has developed rust near the base of the tank, and/or has been faulting out on the regular as of late, might we suggest swapping it out for a new and improved model? At Flowrite, we are committed to delivering nothing but the best water heater installation and repair services in Lincoln; part of this means lending our professional advice regarding which products are ideal for our customers’ needs.

If Jimmy and the crew think it would be best for your family to stick with a traditional, tank-equipped model, they will not waste any time convincing you to purchase a tankless one. We believe in providing honest, expert help to our clients every day. Your satisfaction and bottom line are always our main priority. Now that that has been addressed, let us briefly discuss the pros and cons of tank and tankless water heaters in Lincoln!

To go tankless or not….that is the question!

With the tank

  • + Cheaper up-front prices
  • + Multiple options for tank storage capacity
  • + 10-12 year lifespan on average
  • + Great for smaller households and businesses
  • – Can run out of hot water depending on use
  • – Known for wasting energy spent heating unused water in tank
  • – Greater maintenance needs

Without the tank

  • + Versatile (no tank allows for wall-mounted installations)
  • + Cheaper operational expenses in the future
  • + Hot water on demand at all times
  • + Qualified for energy tax credits
  • + Last up to 20 years
  • – Twice as expensive price tags
  • – Savings are minimal for single people
  • – Gas-powered models commonly waste energy
  • – Retrofitting can be potentially expensive

There you have it folks, the quick and dirty guide to buying a new water heater in Lincoln. Since the above points are meant to serve as a helpful reference guide, we advise anyone interested in upgrading their existing water heater to consult with Flowrite first. Our guys answer these and other pertinent questions on the regular. They also have experience servicing and installing Lincoln water heaters of all types; there are very few models our crew has dealt with, so feel free to contact them with any additional questions you may have. Flowrite’s technicians are available every hour of the day for your emergency plumbing needs, too.