Flowrite Plumbers in Jackson CA

Thank you for visiting Flowrite Plumbing. We are a general Jackson plumbing company that cares a lot about the clients we serve on a day to day basis. Family owned and operated, the Flowrite team has always kept customer satisfaction as its top concern. This goes beyond the standard level of care most other plumbing companies offer, and it is because of our appreciation for the folks that have helped us grow over the years.

How Flowrite Plumbing came to be: Started over 20 years ago, Flowrite has expanded its team and operations markedly, not to mention become increasingly popular among the residents of Jackson and nearby communities. Once a solo plumber, Jimmy Vandivier took the business to new heights by giving customers the kind of service they want and deserve. Naturally, this led to an ever-growing client base that was powered by word of mouth referrals. Not much has changed in this area since the company’s inception; we still receive daily calls from clients referred by their friends and neighbors.

Why would I want to hire you for plumbing service?

That is an excellent question, and one Jimmy and the rest of the Flowrite team love to answer. While we certainly have a ton of respect for our fellow Jackson plumbing businesses, there are a few features that distinguish us from the rest of the crowd.

Perhaps the biggest concern most customers have when hiring a contractor is how much they will have to pay for service. At Flowrite, not only do we keep our rates very reasonable, we do not conform to the traditional hourly fee basis. Instead, Jimmy charges customers with up-front quotes. The number the team comes up with after estimating your project is guaranteed to never increase!

Another major benefit that comes with hiring Flowrite is authentic, 24/7 emergency service. We mean what we say when we say we have staff available at all times. When luck is not on your on side scheduling wise, our crew is always here to help. Trust us; you will never be left alone in the dark with your Jackson plumbing issue!

Water Heater Installation

Toilet Repair

Garbage Disposal Service


Gas Line Installation

Water Leak Detection

If you want to receive quality service from a licensed and insured plumber in Jackson that offers highly competitive rates, do yourself a favor and give Flowrite a call. We are certified experts when it comes to fixing Jackson plumbing problems!