Flowrite Plumbers in Grass Valley CA

In these fast-paced times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find contractors that take their time and avoid rushing from project to project. The nature of the industry in the modern world has made this tactic the status quo; the skilled Grass Valley plumbers at Flowrite Plumbing are proud to stand against this and stick with the “slow and steady wins the race” approach.

Calculated, cautious, and caring is the Flowrite way. We understand what compels many plumbing businesses to stress quick project completions, but our crew also knows the consequences of not acting in your customers’ best interest! Jimmy Vandivier, owner of Flowrite, has been working in the field ever since he was a young boy. His interest in the industry was sparked when he assisted his father with gas line soldering projects at the age of 9, a passion of is that only grew as time went on.

As fate would have it, Jimmy honed his professional skills and eventually founded Flowrite. Two decades later, the company has a considerable client base and a lifetime of respect from the Grass Valley community. Staying true to his personal and professional values, Jimmy and his crew have yet to conform to the new way of doing business. Quality customer service reigns supreme in the Flowrite office, and acts as the foundation for the company’s tremendous success.

What should I expect as a Flowrite customer?

In a word, satisfaction! We know you do not have time or money to waste, and are bound and determined to make your experience with Flowrite a memorable one. Our master Grass Valley plumbers treat each customer like family, and work tirelessly to ensure they are completely happy with the results of their work.

We are also pretty darn good at what we do! Every Flowrite team member is licensed, certified, and has had their professional skills thoroughly tested. In other words, you are not dealing with rookies. Additional features our clients like are our per-project rates and schedule flexibility. No matter what our current workload looks like, we will make time to conveniently fit you in!

Water Leak Detection

Pex Piping


Toilet Repairs

Tankless Water Heater Installations

Sewer Line Repair

Are you tired of looking for a Grass Valley plumber who will treat you like the priority you are? Stop the search today and give the friendly staff at Flowrite Plumbing a call today. We will be happy to assist you, and can walk you through the project process!