Local Plumbers in Citrus Heights CA

logomapDo you know whom to call when your plumbing system goes out of whack? Accidents can happen despite the routine maintenance carried out by even the most responsible of home and business owners. Broken pipes, clogged lines, and water leaks can strike anywhere and at any time. The only thing keeping your property and bank account from incurring serious damage is the work of a trusted professional.

We are more than just your average plumbing contractor!

The experienced Citrus Heights plumbing experts at Flowrite Plumbing have provided their services for well over 20 years, and will continue to do so for many more. We take pride in being a pillar of the community and always being available when customers need us.

Ever since he launched the business in the early 1990’s, owner Jimmy Vandivier has been determined to rise above the competition. He learned early what makes a Citrus Heights plumbing company successful in this industry. Features like flat-rate pricing and flexible project schedules have become staples of Vandivier’s firm, features well known and appreciated by the business’ growing clientele.

We treat every customer right, every time

Many plumbing contractors will capitalize on otherwise “specialty” services, such as charging higher rates for weekend work. This is another area where Flowrite Plumbing differs; whether your plumbing system malfunctions on Monday morning or Saturday afternoon, the price for service is the same. We know our customers do not expect their pipes to burst at the most inconvenient of times; so why make them pay more to have the problem fixed?

I need a new toilet. Can Flowrite Plumbing help me?

From toilet and sink installations to full-blown residential & commercial plumbing remodeling projects, the Flowrite crew has helped thousands of homeowners. Equipped with the latest and greatest tools, our experienced team of master plumbers is guaranteed to arrive on time and get the job done with no exceptions. They are all highly trained to work on a wide array of service, repair, and installation jobs.

Do you handle commercial plumbing systems, too?

Yes! Many companies in Citrus Heights and the surrounding communities have hired Flowrite. Jimmy Vandivier has ongoing professional relationships with fellow business owners, and is recognized as one of the best around for what he does. This includes but is not limited to:

Flowrite Plumbing always stands by its commitment to customer service. We are fully licensed and insured, guarantee our work, and are regarded as the cleanest plumbing company in Citrus Heights. Give us a call today to get started!