How to Spot a Water Main Issue

The water main in your home carries water from your city water company, pump, or well into your home’s water fixtures and appliances. When you notice poor water pressure or little to no water flow, there is likely some problem … Continued

All About PEX Piping

What do you know about PEX piping? Uponor PEX piping is a special material that’s different from pipes of the past. It can offer better durability and flexibility than other solutions. FlowRite Plumbing is a certified installer for Uponor PEX … Continued

Watch Your Home for a Water Leak

If you are seeing some strange signs in your home such as unexpected wet spots, it might be time to investigate a water pipe leak. Pipes leak before they burst, so catching the small leak in time is beneficial to … Continued

Avoiding Clogs in Citrus Heights, CA

The accumulation of hair is the most common cause of clogged drains in the country. Hair buildup is prone to causing slow drains and unpleasant blockages that render sinks, bathtubs, and showers dysfunctional until the hair is cleared away. And … Continued

How to Respond in a Plumbing Emergency

The odds of a plumbing emergency are much smaller when you invest in preventive maintenance through a professional plumber. If the worst does happen, your level of preparation can determine the amount of damage a plumbing emergency inflicts on your … Continued