How to Spot a Sewer Line Problem

A problem with your sewer line is not only unpleasant, it can also lead to costly damage in your home or business. Call Flowrite Plumbing California in Citrus Heights to address your sewer line issues quickly and effectively at the … Continued

Treat Your Plumbing Right in 2018

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It’s Time to Replace That Toilet

You’ve been putting up with it for too long. Your toilet has shown signs it needs to be replaced, and you’re starting to get frustrated. Whether it only flushes right some of the time or runs constantly, keeping you awake … Continued

4 Reasons to Choose Hydrojetting

What is Hydrojetting and When Do You Need It? Most homeowners have experienced clogged pipes and drains. Hair, food particles, grease, and other debris build up in lines and hard water causes deposits on faucets and shower heads. Plumbers use … Continued

3 Tips To Protect Your Water Heater All Year

There is never a time of the year when having a plumbing malfunction is ‘easy’. In fact, most plumbing malfunctions are downright inconvenient. However, during these winter months when there is severe weather and low temperatures a plumbing malfunction is … Continued